Association Swisscongo
Construction of a New School in Kasangulu
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The school in Kasangulu currently has approximately 200 children. The current school has a leaf roof and isn't waterproof. The children sit on wooden trunks and the toilets aren't hygienic. Furthermore, the school is built on a completely unstable ground. With your donation the Association Swisscongo can build a new school on another field, including five classrooms with furniture, toilets, a refectory as well as a library and an office for the director.

Association Enfance et Maladies Orphelines
Therapy for Children
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The aim of the association is to help Swiss families who have a child with a rare disease. For many of them, signs may be observed at birth. They are affected psychologically, socially and economically. Due to the lack of sufficient scientific and medical knowledge, many patients are not diagnosed and their disease remains unidentified. So those affected suffer from difficulties in receiving appropriate support. With your donation we can support the therapy in Tel Aviv for one child, living in Switzerland.

Lebenshilfe Stuttgart e.V.
Animal-based Therapy
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The animal therapist's visit is the highlight of the week for severely disabled people. Stroking a soft coat of fur is soothing, and it eases tensed muscles so that even the most restless people are suddenly able to sit still. Giving the dog commands and being allowed to give it treats as a reward increases people's self-confidence. With your help we can provide three animal therapy courses for five disabled people.

Foundation WeltKinderLachen
“Horse and Music” Therapy
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Thanks to your donations, ten children taking part in the Horse and Music therapy course can learn about their own boundaries, and about how to sense where other people's boundaries are. Most importantly they’ll be learning that, irrespective of their family background, they are able to organize their lives self-confidently and responsibly, and not find themselves in the role of victim. They’ll understand that their posture and just believing in yourself can have a positive impact on your life.

Psychological Support for Families
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Families whose child has suffered from a serious heart condition since birth need specialist psychological support as well as a range of everyday support services. We can use your donation to help pay the salary of the specially qualified teacher at the child cardiology unit of the 'Olgahospital' in Stuttgart. She is also the point of contact for the period afterwards, helping the child to settle at kindergarten or school and making applications for convalescent/rehabilitation services etc.

Tannheim After-care Clinic
Therapy Chair with New Safety Standard
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The Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte [German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices] has recommended that automatically adjustable therapy chairs have safety mechanisms. There have been many cases in the past of people getting caught when accidentally adjusting the height; and one child was fatally injured doing so. In order to meet this new safety standard, your donation can go towards replacing one of the 20-year-old therapy chairs.

Xavi Wants to Go to Disneyland Paris
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This lovely family deserves a break from the day-to-day sorrows. The illness of Xavi has clearly taken its toll on the family. It didn’t take Xavi long to shout out his wish: Disneyland ! The Disney characters really lifted his spirits during a difficult period. Xavi laughs with Mickey Mouse and loves getting butterflies in his belly. A trip to Disneyland Paris where Xavi can meet his favorite characters and enjoy the rides would mean the world to him. With your help, we can make his dream possible.

Artisan Agricultural Center
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The project Artisan Agricultural Center was born during the stay of father Innocente Ngaillo Thadei on the mountain range of the LIVISTON in Tanzania. The work, aimed at stopping emigration, includes carpentry, mechanics, agricultural development, milling cereals, reforestation, fruit growing, breeding of cows, pigs, chickens, fish farming and apiculture. With your social coins we can support the construction of the carpentry workshop with partial electrical lighting and a power supply system.

AURORA Waldorf School
Construction of a New Building
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The AURORA Waldorf school in Cittadella (PD) has the opportunity to build a new building to accommodate the numerous requests for children. The school offers environments dedicated to education consistent with the pedagogical indications of R. Steiner. The aim for children is to be able to complete the scholastic path and implementing a proposal for the high school. With your social coins we could support the first bureaucratic practices for the new building.

Kindergruppe Nikolausstrasse e.V
New Matresses for the Romp Room
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Looking after the building and the garden around it, not to mention providing teaching for the kids, is not just hard work, it also takes a lot of resources. Your Social Coins can help us to provide 15 new mattresses together with washable covers for the romp room of the kindergroup Nikolausstrasse.

Big Bang Cooperativa Sociale Onlus
Work Social Inclusion
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The first worker with Down syndrome has been hired by Farmacia Bodini. The Italian social organization will accompany Mr. A.A. to keep his job, and also the Farmacia Bodini to create the right conditions and train colleagues to work with him. The aim is to break their prejudices, to reduce their fears and to answer many questions using their “systemic method”. With your donation we'll be able to hire another young adult with Down syndrome to cover the job of A.A.

Estonian Food Bank
Food for Hungry People
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In Estonia costs of living are very high, especially in winter and many people have problems paying for their every day needs. The Estonian Food Bank would like to purchase a cold room for one of its 14 food banks for storage of perishable food. At the moment only three out of 14 food banks have such a cold room. With your donation we can purchase a second-hand cold room with insulation and cooling equipment with a size of 4m².

Ayudante de Cartonera
Clean Drinking Water for 2200
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The drinking water system in El Fortin, Granada, is to be extended and renovated. Due to population growth in the district, there is an urgent need to extend the capacity of the drinking water system. The current steel construction with a high tank has been severely damaged through weather-induced corrosion. The high-tank steel construction is to be restored and the system capacity expanded in the form of a 22,000 liter tank. With your social coins we can support the restoration.

futuroma e.v. / amarokher e.v.
Community Center in the Roma Ghetto
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Work recently began on renovating an old building in the Roma ghetto. The building is used for event and for tutoring purposes. There is no heating currently, so it can’t be used in the winter – and especially not for the urgently needed tutoring to enable Roma children to get their school-leaving certificate. A suitable donation would cover tutoring for 2 years, and enable the work on the heating system to finally start.

Hope for a new generation e.V.
Giving Children a Future
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In Romania the aid organization has established a creative workshop. Didactic materials and modeling templates are created there in order to support the pedagogical work in the kindergartens. Pallets of paper and calendars are donated every year, which are processed into valuable lesson materials. This is done with very simple and time-consuming equipment. Thanks to your donation we can equip the workshop with machinery. This includes a large paper cutting machine and a punching machine

element-i Educational Foundation
Social Scholarships
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Good education and educational success must not depend on social background! This is why the element-i education foundation supports children of families from challenging starting points. They are offered the opportunity of attending courses in sport and culture in addition to school. Furthermore, social scholarships are awarded to enable attendance of a free element-i primary or secondary school. With your social coins we can help to provide three children a perspective.

Peacebuilding and Boko Haram Relief
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Those fleeing Boko Haram have no access to healthcare. Malaria, diarrhea, respiratory infections and other preventable illnesses are widespread and are often fatal. With the support of qualified professionals at the mini-clinic at the Gurku Interfaith Relocation Camp, 1,383 IDPs – including in particular widows, orphans, children and the elderly – will in future receive basic medical care. With your help we can cover the costs of a medical professional for one year.

Sternenbrücke Children's Hospice
Respite Care for Terminally Ill Children
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Using customized pain therapy and various alternative therapies, the children's hospice relieves chronic suffering, promotes its young guests’ power of self-determination and allows them to have a dignified life until their death. With your help, a specialist chair – perfect for snuggling up and taking a break – can be donated, as well as a sling for lifting and carrying guests with multiple and severe disabilities, and a weighted blanket to reduce sleep disturbance or periods of restlessness.

Books for the Teresa Academy
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Currently 360 children study in Teresa Academy, preventing them from being victims of violence and sex exploitation. To eliminate illiteracy among the vulnerable population in Nepal, Teresa Academy imparts comprehensive education to children who are in extreme need of education and are not in a position to pay their education expenses necessary for formal education. With your donation we can cover the costs for books, notebooks, pencils, chart papers for almost 200 children during one year.

St. Theresa Home
Industrial Cooker
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Having to cater for a large group of people on a daily basis the sisters have been struggling for a while with their existing cooking equipment. Part of the problem is that the cookers are old and unreliable. With your help we can upgrade and purchase a latest standard industrial cooker, which would meet all the current safety standards. Best of all this will make life much easier for the sisters to prepare meals for the children.

Indienhilfe: Water is Life Charity for India
A Well for the 'Rat Catchers'
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Sonali lives with her three brothers and sisters in a village in northern India. Sonali belongs to the 'Musahar' caste, which means the 'rat catchers'. Sonali's family earns a living by collecting garbage and collecting rats. For 2 years now Indienhilfe has gathered the 'Musahar' children every morning and given them a hot breakfast. Before they begin their school, the children can have a wash at the well. The 'rat catcher' children long to have a well of their own in their villages<

Mondesa Foundation
A Warm Meal a Day
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To achieve good grades in school, it`s important that the basic needs in life are covered. Many children come from homes where there is no food available. Since the Foundation started out with "a warm meal a day", many children attend the classes regularly because they know that they get a warm meal at 10.40 am. We can provide warm meals for 400 students at Festus Gonteb Primary School in the Township of Mondesa/Swakopmund Namibia for two months with your social coins.

7 causes
Help for Elderly Home Isolated People
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The purpose of this project is to provide food, medicine and firewood for the elderly and disabled in villages with limited accessibility and no shops. It will be distributed in the villages of North Bulgaria, which is the poorest region in the country. We are able to provide food and firewood to the most needy elderly people for approx. four months with your help.

Orphanage house "St. Nikolai"
Food Supplies and Home Repairs
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There is an ongoing need for basic food and hygiene products at the orphanage. One of the rooms in the shelter with the adjoining bathroom is in a very bad state and need urgent repairs. It is necessary to replace the room and bathroom floor, to change the electric components and repaint the walls. With your help, the NGO will be able to make the specified repairs and provide food and hygienic conditions for about three months.

Solar Lamps for Children
Burkina Faso
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The Spanish NGO seeks to provide resistant portable solar lamps that store the sun’s energy during the day so it can be used once night falls. With these lamps, children in rural areas of Burkina Faso can keep up with their lessons and become more independent in their studies, thus improving their chance of finishing primary school and gaining the education they need to improve their future prospects. With your help we can provide solar lamps to 100 children.

Schulfamilie Hegel-Gymnasium
"We're Making our Schoolyard Fit!"
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The aim of the project is to provide the Hegel-Gymnasium high school with a schoolyard with enhanced quality of facilities and enhanced functions. The students urgently need new play and active areas, along with zones for chatting and relaxing. Together we can provide the students with "retreat elements", which can be built by a team of parents / teachers / students themselves. The building plan is already available and with your help we will be able to purchase the material for the elements.

The Hope Association
Make Hobbys Possible for Kids
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A meaningful hobby for a child is an important part of the everyday life, offering friends and a safe environment in addition of making things fun. However, for many children, hobby threatens to remain a dream because of the family's lack of financial care. The Hope Association offers disadvantaged children the opportunity to try something new or to continue their existing hobbies. We can support ten children in their hobby for one year with your social coins.

La Cité Joyeuse- Gais Lurons
Fire Curtains for the Gais Lurons
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Gais Lurons welcomes 30 young people from 6 to 18 years old. La Cité Joyeuse is doing everything they can to develop the building to meet the needs of the youth, their comfort and their safety. In order to meet the safety requirements, all the curtains of the pavilion must be replaced. Indeed, they must be firebreak. The fabric used for making these curtains is specific and very expensive. With your donation we can support the replacement of the fire curtains.

St Anna Childhood Cancer Research
Research Helps Childhood Cancer
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When the work started more than 30 years ago, almost one in every two children suffering from cancer died. Today, four of five children with leukemia recover. However, the cure rate for other childhood cancers is mostly lower. The full analysis of all genetic changes to a patient's cancer cells is essential for saving the life of children with cancer. With your donation we can facilitate this analysis for an ill child.

ARCHE IntensivKinder GmbH
Sense of Security with Baby Massage
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The babies and children who live at the ARCHE center are unable to grow up within their own families due to their need for intensive medical care. That's why promoting their positive awareness of their own body through lots of loving physical contact and giving them a sense of security is so important for the children. Baby massage makes an important contribution to this. With your help we can fund a trained care assistant for 10 months of baby massage which will be provided for several children.

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